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Galaxy Watch 12/30/2019 Update is kiilling my battery.

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8 months of satisfaction with my watch then the update on December 30 happened (R800XXU1DSL1/R800OXA1DSL1). My watch can't make it more than 8 hours with going into battery saving mode!. Prior to this update the watch was great for 4 days without any problems.


What to do, is there any way for me to perform rollback software?


Is Samsung aware of this issue and will the fix it?

CarloL Moderator

 Hey @Pawsox! Firstly, check for any software updates for your smartwatch: open the Galaxy Wearable app > About Watch > Update Watch Software > Update Now. Are there any updates available? Also, has the smartwatch been in either a very hot or very cold location? Have you recently installed new apps onto it? When you aren't using the smartwatch, do you use Sleep Mode? 

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