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Galaxy Smart Watch Delay


Decided that I would up date my Samsung Gear 3 Frontier and get teh new galaxy Smart watch 46mm, placed my order on the 28 Sept 2018 was told it would be delivered on 5 Oct 2018, so was looking forward to receving it 5 Oct came and went no watch contacted samsung to find out why was told out of stock ask when might be back in stock no answer.

the bit that really get my goat is they where quick enough to take my money but seem to be slow in come back with a date when the item will be in stock.

don't they know its coming close to christmas, If I was think of buy one for a christmas present I think you would need to order a few months ago.

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In my Experience Samsung don't take the funds until despatch. 


It's usually your Bank that places a hold on the funds in your account while awaiting for Samsung to collect. 


Where I live in the UK we have bricks and mortar Samsung Experience Stores where I visit to buy my Samsung products. 


Do you not have the same where you live ?


If not then unfortunately it's a case of sitting tight and waiting.   :(


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Thanks for your reply and it is strange that Samsung to the payment but they did as I had confirmation that the payment had been taken. 


I pre-ordered my Galaxy Watch on the launch date several weeks before dispatch and my money was taking as well, also based in the UK.


Glad to know that I am not the only one. Have been called today promised that should be delivered before this Friday 12 October 2018 fingers crossed but not holding my breath 






I have just spoken to someone at the Samsung shop regarding my order which should have been with me on 5 Oct then moved to the 12 Oct. They just told me that there is a shipping problem and they don't know when any order will be completed can't even say that it will be out by end off October. Quick enough to take my money for the order fingers crossed it here before Christmas. 

Good luck to the rest of you out there .






Your one of the lucky ones

They are sick and tired of me cause I am e-mail and calling every day, they still can't give a date when stock will be in the UK. They have promise me compensation for the delay but can't say when I will get it seems to be a recurring theme.

I have also spoke to my bank regarding payment they have confirmed that payment has been taken by Samsung.


  - Your one of the lucky ones


Thats a matter of opinion  . I ordered my first GW right after the unpacked event, took my money immediately, they cancelled my order the next day without any explanantion... Gave me a £50 voucher so i placed the order again, again they took the money and cancelled again, didnt feel very lucky at this point, I was nearly £600 down with no order


After 18 days, 3 orders placed and cancelled and untold hours on the phone I finally got one through with the voucher..


I should have know this wasnt going to end well

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