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Galaxy Earbuds Unusable

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So I have recently got a pair of Galaxy buds. 

I am having a major issue with the Bluetooth connection between my device and the buds, 

They are 60% of the time cutting out or lagging and its so frustrating.


Especially when my phone is in my pocket there is literally no chance I can finish a full song without any issues.

If I hold it in my hand it's not as bad but it's still having connection issues. 

Turning my head is guaranteed to make the connection drop too. 

Strange because when I leave my phone on another room I can walk rather far without the connection dropping even in other rooms it's just when I'm out walking 


It's not just with Spotify it's with podcast apps as well. 


Since I have got them I have updated them 3 times and is now currently on the latest software. I have reset them numerous times too. 

I'm currently using a Xiaomi mia2 with a Bluetooth 5.0 but I have tried the buds out on two other devices but still the same issues.


I am starting to think I have a faulty set of buds and if this is the case where do I go from there? I have not the receipt anymore.


The manufacture date on the box is 2019.03.21 if that means anything.


I love the look and feel of the galaxy buds I just wish they would work has anyone else still getting issues with theirs? 

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