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Galaxy Buds Volume/Balance Issue


Nothing has worked.

Samsung has refused to send me any information or reference numbers, even after 3 emails.

Messing with the ambient sound hasn't worked either.

How do you reset the budz?

The model number of mine is:



To get my replacement buds from promotions I had to conact promotions at their number - 1-866-888-5503.  If you dont have a technical support reference number they can transfer you to their tech department to go through the whole thing and they should be able to provide a reference number from their technical support if needed.  And when you get back to promotions they can give you their own reference number.  You may want to give them a date of less than a month that you received the buds because if it is more than a month they may not accept it.  


As for resetting the buds you go into the galaxy wearables app on your phone -> about earbuds -> reset earbuds.  And your earbuds have to be connected to your phone to reset them.

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Basically I was wearing my Galaxy buds in heavy rain and my right one dropped in a puddle and that bud got very silent after drying it. Then few weeks later then left bud got silent just out of nowhere. Then I tried to reset my buds and stuff nothing worked. Then I thought let's dipped it in water again. And now it's working fine somehow. 


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I have the same issue. I usually just wear the left side and did not realize any problem. I started using the right side a few weeks ago and found it to have a much lower volume. After spending a few weeks trying to register the product and looking up the internet for solution, I did the chat inside the Samsung Members app. There is no registration needed or possible. They ask for a receipt as proof of purhase for the warranty replacement. Fortunately, I found the packing slip from 4 months ago as none of the confirmation emails from AT&T contain all the required information. So if you have the same problem, you likely need to chat with them to get an exchange ticket. 

I get this sounds stupid, but it seemed that taking off the silicone piece on my right ear bud and wiping it down real quick, fixed the issue. It was not dirty but just taking it off and putting it back on helped. I thought to try it when my knock off Galaxy buds I had had similar type of issues because they were garbage..

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My left ear bud is changing between being quiter then equal to my right earbud. I tried the equalizer thing and it worked for 1 minute.

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I had a very low volume problem with my right ear bud. 

Reseting and pairing with other devices didn't solve it for me. My Buds were bought abroad as a present, so I don't have the receipt for warranty and that's why I did the following:

1. Remove the factory wax/glue from the sound exit grid

2. Remove the metal grid (it will require a tool. I used a small pocket knife) and the dark mesh under it. 

3. Clean the mesh under the grid (it had some ear wax between the mesh and the metal grid).

4. Put back the mesh and the grid.

Conclusion: I only recommend this if you are no longer covered by warranty and don't mind you will probably lose some of the water/sweat resistance. But this really worked for me. It was a cleaning problem caused by ear wax accumulated between the metal grid and the mesh under it. 

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I just had the problem, after reading all your experiences, i obviously tried them the......didn't work.

I did it anyway, so, what I did was, do you remember the superNES cartdriges? What did we do when they didnt work properly? We blew into it

I took off the silicone cap on the right bud, coveret tge eqrpeace with my mouth and blew veeeery gentle, almost nothing....and now it works!!!

Keep in mind, if you blow into the earpiece, to blow dry.... Do it on your own risk!!!

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how do you know if you have a warranty 

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Chat with them on the app. Be prepared to provide a proof of purchase like a receipt.
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