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Galaxy Buds Volume/Balance Issue


Hey All,

I've been using my Galaxy Buds for about 2 days now and this afternoon when I put then in, I noticed that the right earbud is significantly quiter than the left. I would say about 75% quieter.


When I put the left bud in, it chime as usual, but now when I but the right bud it, it doesn't chime at all.


I've tried up-paring and re-pairing them to my Galaxy S10+ and have also reset them from within the Galaxy Wearables. My Galaxy Wearables app is up to date, as is on my Galaxy Buds. 


Has anyone else had this issue? 


Is seems that lots of people had this issue wi h the 2018 IconX Buds, could if be something similar? 


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The weird thing is that my left bud is lower than my right bud

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I have the same problem.. just bought them 2 days ago. the left bud is louder than the right one.. please help


Try disconnecting them from your (galaxy) phone, unpairing them, and pair them with another different device (one that does not use the Galaxy Wearables app) . Test the audio (it should be fixed/reset now) and then re-pair them back to your phone. That managed to work for me.


It's a possible workaround, but this shouldn't be an issue in the first place. 


Good luck! 

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Thanks @Electr0, i just tried it.. didnt work. I unpaired them from my note 9 and paired them with my laptop, test the audio.. even with my laptop the left is still louder than the right.. after that i paired them back with my phone. still the same.. :((

@Emyr2703*****, that sucks. Have you tried resetting them through the Galaxy Wearables app?


Try this:

1. Pair to your Note 9

2. Setup using Galaxy Wearables app

3. Reset using Galaxy Wearables app

4. Place the Buds in the case and wait at least 10 seconds

5. Remove Buds from the case & Pair with your other device.

6. Un-pair from your other deceive  

8. Place Buds back in the case and wait at least 10 seconds

9. Repair to you Note 9 and setup using the Galaxy Wearables app.


* Note: You might be forced  to setup the Buds between step 3 & 4 (I can't remember). If you can, try to skip it, if that's not possible, set them up and then continue to step 4.


I paired mine to my Galaxy Watch and the issue was resolved... I have no idea how or why. 

Having the exact same issue, right side volume is almost completely silent, resetting them does nothing, paired them to my Lenovo tab still the same. Using the right earphone on it's own the same and also recieved an update and still not working. Only received these today from the preorder promotion which was supposed to be 30 days to receive them, then an email said that due to popularity would be delayed by up to 10 days, 18 days later they turned up, less than 24 hours later they are faulty, not what I have come to expect from Samsung to be honest.
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I just solved this issue by going into the bluetooth menu, then to the galaxy buds settings, then turning off and on "call audio" and "media audio"


This has not worked for me, any other ideas on how to fix this issue?

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I have the same issue

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I just got that issue today, 5-29-19, and I've read some stuff about it and it's always people's right bud which is same as mine. I wish Samsung could give info on thos.

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