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Galaxy Buds Right Earbud Battery Drain

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Hi there,


I received my S10 preorder Galaxy Buds during the week, and noticed right away that the battery in the right earbud drains way faster than the left. The battery in the right earbud lasts max 45 minutes, while the left earbud will still be at 90-95%. Has this happened with anyone else too?


Is this a hardware issue with the buds I received, or is there something I can do to resolve the issue?

I'm currently running the latest software version available - ending with SD4.



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I am having the same issue with my Galaxy Buds.  I charged them completely when I first received them and used them for a couple of minutes.  I placed back in case and when I used them again later that night I noticed the right bud was already dead.  I thought I hadn't placed them in the case correctly, so repositioned and charged again, leaving the case plugged in.  I used them again once they were fully charged, but noticed that the right bud received a warning within 40 minutes of use that my battery was almost empty.  I checked and right bud was at 5%, while the left was still at 90%. 


I have continued to see both of these issues throughout the week.  I have reset the buds and also checked that I am on latest wearables version and buds are updated.  

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Any solutions yet? i got mine yesterday and found that the right bud is eager to drain out, now submitted at service centre.

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No, not sorted yet. They were sent back to a service centre and they were returned to me after a couple of weeks unfixed. They reset them, but that's about it. The returned package included a note saying that Samsung would be in touch to arrange 'an alternative resolution'. I guess that means they couldn't fix it...


After that the email support gave me another address to contact about a replacement so I contacted them. They replied saying that they would arrange to collect the buds again, and give me a refund of the price of the buds. They didn't mention a replacement which seems weird. But I'm going to send them back that way and just get the refund (for earbuds that I technically didn't pay for since they were a preorder bonus, but anyway).


Hope you get yours sorted faster than mine!

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Great to hear that, mine got replaced and the new ones are working as expected!!

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