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Galaxy Buds - Charging and pairing


I've just purchased a set of buds and wondered if anyone can tell me if leaving them in the charge case will degrade the battery over time? The light is green meaning they are fully charged so I just want to make sure it's ok to leave them in there...


Also, when they are out of the case, is there any way to stop my phone (S8) using them for playback when i'm not wearing them? I don't want to have to unpair every time!

I too have exactly the same query as you. I left the buds out of the case over night with 70% charge and they must've stayed on all night an drained to 7%. The paired Note 9 had been powered off during this period.

What do you think of yours, I love mine😉

They are awesome! The ambient mode is very cool indeed...


I'm still no further forward with my charging/storing query. I've used Live Chat but the people I have spoken to so far don't have a definitive answer.


The case can be charged up to allow 2 full recharges of the buds, so, if the case is fully charged and I insert the buds on, for example, 50%, they will charge all the way back up but continue to receive power from the case.....will this not mess up the battery over time or do the buds have some sort of cutoff feature when fully charged so no more power gets through??? Soemone at Samsung must be able to answer this?

Yes, when It realised you couldn't store the buds in the case without it charging them I thought I leave them out, but they drained even though they are not being used.
I thought someone from the Samsung team would be able to find this out for us!
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