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Galaxy Active not tracking distance

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The diatnce isn't being tracked on my Galaxy Active watch. During and after a activity it states 0km. I have reset the watch to factory settings, turned on GPS, turned off/on cycling in workout detection. Turned off elliptical training and rowing in workout dectection.
Any pointers?
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@matthewgordon: Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Galaxy watch Active. Please can you try the troubleshooting steps below to see if this helps.
1. Open S Health on the watch, swipe up or down and open the Steps tracker. Swipe up or down and select Settings > Step Target > swipe up or down to select a target > Done.
2. Open S Health > Settings > Workout Detection > Activities to Detect, as this will automatically detect distance travelled and calories burnt.

If the watch still fails to produce readings following these steps then I recommend visiting one of our authorised Support Centres where an engineer can inspect your device. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device > Phones, Tablets and Wearables' and enter your post code.
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Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately these steps did not solve the issue

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Having the same issue, but only for cycling. MPH and distance show 0.0. It seems to track fine for walks. 

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My Galaxy watch Active 2 also do not track cycling. Walking works, but cycling 8 times out of 10 do not track if I start tracking manually. I've tried to reboot, shake, pray whatever... it just do not tracking. I've lost the whole workout of 35 mins first time because of this. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run manually cycling workout  - if it works... cycle for 20 mins

2. Run manually walking workout - if it works, walk for 20 mins

3. Run again cycling - won't tracking. If it's - then walk again... or wait 4-5 hours


I have every day routine - going to work and back first by bike, then walking. And every day it ***** me off because it stop tracking...


Please suggest a solution? 

I need to be able to track  short cycling workouts like 4-6 mins (I have them every day)


I have the same problem, but with Galaxy Sport. No GPS tracking for cycling. Because GPS works well in running I suppose it's a software bug that can be corrected by software update. I must add, that a few months cycling tracking also worked well, so this problem was probably caused by one of the latest updates. Hey, Samsung guys are you doing something about that?


Hi again, guys. Really, noone has any solution to that issue? :(


Going up.


What's interesting, I have noticed, that while the watch isn't paired with the phone, the distance i measured propery, also while cycling program is on. The bug repeates immediately, when the devices are paired again.

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I've been having distance tracking issues with my Active 2 since the software update on 10/18/2019. Walking would track then stop randomly, once at 1.94 miles, then 1.7 on another walk, then  .95, then .51...I spoke with 2 Samsung tech reps who both said they have no other occurrences reported. I should reset the watch. I did and so far no problem. But now the cycling workout doesn't track distance at all! This is too expensive an item to have to constantly play around with to work properly.  Someone needs to find a fix!

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