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Galaxy Active Stops measuring heart rate when working out

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I have a new Galaxy watch active. When i start a workout session, after a couple of minutes, the heart rate sensor stops working. It has nothing to do with sweat or anything like that. The green LED isn't even on. There is a fix, and that is to make a manual stress metering when this happens, that will make the heart rate sensor start working again and it will then work during the rest of the excercise. This make me believe that there is a software error.


Any Thoughts?


Hey @henk2055! Samsung watches calculate the Heart Rate using blood volume changes by capturing emitted lights returning through your skin.

The accuracy of such optic-based HR measurement can be influenced by physical and physiological factors such as tightness of wearing, hairs, tattoo, level of muscle contraction, perfusion, and etc. I would recommend following these steps that will help your watch tracking your patterns correctly:

1. Keep the device fit to your wrist. You would have more chance to get accurate heart rate by keeping the air-gap between the device and your wrist minimized.
2. Select a proper exercise type.
3. Wait until the heart rate values are displayed on the screen before starting the exercise.


Seeing the same problem with galaxy watch SM-R500.


About 12 mins into the workout heart rate tracking just stops. There is nothing to suggest its to do with how i wear it, sweat, battery etc... as my workout is kinda light (just walking).


This happens consistently around the 12th minute mark suggesting a bug perhaps. Attaching versions installer (which i checked as of today are the latest)




Screenshot_20200321-213037_Watch Active Plugin.jpg



Its pretty basic to expect that an active watch tracks your workouts properly... is there any fix for this?

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