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GPS results Active 2 are not shown in Samsung Health

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I recently bought the Samsung Active 2 Watch, and on the watch itself everything works fine. But the problem is that the GPS results of my run/walk are not shown in the samsung health app. All the other data is synchronized, except for the GPS. I did not take my phone with me on the run, could that be the problem? Because that would seem weird as the watch has its own gps function. Did anyone experience this problem as well? And knows how to fix this?


I added some pictures below, of what I can see on my watch and what I can see on my phone.

Screen_20191229_102155.pngScreenshot_20191229-115838_Samsung Health.jpg



How are you getting that map on your watch?? I'm intrigued cos there is no map on mine.

If I manually start a hike or run on the watch, with watch location on and auto start with activities, then the log on the Health App on the phone has a map. Any activity autodetected by the watch has no map on watch or phone.

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