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Fit 2 Pro Mapmyrun doesn't play well with Iconx

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I have a S10e that came with a Fit2 Pro. I've had Gear Iconx earbuds that I used with my old S6 Active with no issues. Whenever I start a Mapmyrun session when my Gear Iconx earbuds are already connected Mapmyrun records position but will not recognize the heart rate data even though it is visible on the watch display in all other modes including the watch face. The fix seems to be to remove the earbuds and put them in the case so they disconnect, start a Mapmyrun session, confirm heart rate is showing in the Mapmyrun app, take the earbuds out of the case, and put them in my ears. If I go in that order audio and heart rate both work. It is as if the audio is sucking up all the Bluetooth bandwidth unless I start Mapmyrun first. Any ideas?

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