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False Advertising of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

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I recently purchased what i believed to be the samsung galaxy watch 4g in pink rose gold for my wife as a present after viewing the following web page please take a look, , it quite clearly just promotes and advertises the samsung galaxy watch 4g.

Just to make sure before i purchased the watch i gave samsung a ring to confirm the watch was definitely in stock and was the 4g version and would work on the vodafone network to which the employee confirmed, i then asked could i complete the purchase over the phone to which the response was unfortunately all purchases need to be done online, so i ended the call and proceeded to click on the buy now button at the top right of the webpage this added it to the basket and took me to the checkout to complete my order, the next day the watch arrived but no mention on the box of being the 4g version after a 3 hour call to customer services it was confirmed the watch sent out was indeed the bluetooth version and not the 4g as advertised on the webpage, i spoke with the customer services manager and she agreed that the webpage did make out that it was a 4g version you were buying and not the bluetooth one but then explained i couldn't have ordered the 4g version as it wasnt available online to buy but yet they have a full webpage just advertising how good the 4g version of the watch is with a buy now button at the top of the page ?????.

Talking for a further 30 pins i was eventually offered a full refund and a £30 online voucher as compensation for my inconvenience and for the advertising being misleading to which i declined as in my eyes they are falsely advertising a product which you are unable to buy so trading standard's have been contacted and are looking into the matter.

Hopefully this will stop anybody else wasting there time and money.


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I am in exactly the same situation so I was jsut wondering if Samsung offered you a sensible solution? Thanks. 

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No answers yet guess its just a waiting game will keep you posted. 

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I've got a call last week from a Samsung customer service supervisor who after checking my watch serial number confirmed this is a 4G compatible device and he appologised for the confusion created by his colleagues who previoulsy advised that this is not the case.  Apparently their support staff training packages have not been updated !? Anyway it is worth checking again with them. Please let me know how it goes.

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