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Does the Galaxy Watch Active Work on Wireless Charging Pads?


I've recently purhcased a Galax Watch Active - I love it! But when I place the back of the watch (in the position the provided charger would be located) on a wireless charging pad it doesn't seem to want to charge. I've used two different wireless charging pads, one is an IKEA lamp and the official Samsung Wireless Charging pad from last year which can be at an angle and flat. The wireless charging pads both begin to flash and look almost like it's picking something up but not a solid light to notify a successful charge.


In short, can I use a normal charging pad on the Galaxt Watch Active or does it have to be the provided charger only?


My Gear Sport watch works perfectly with my new Wireless Duo Charger. They advertise the charger with images of it charging the Galaxy Watch so I would expect it work.

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Hi Connor, I've got the same issue! Using am official Samsung fast charge pad and it flashes blue to show it is charging however the watch doesn't seem to pick anything up. I can't find any information online about it. 

That's the exact issue I'm having... How bizarre

I think a lot of pads have a larger induction loop for phones, where the watches need one that's a lot smaller.


So it'll depend on the setup of the pad itself.




I have two wireless charging pads and neither of them charge the watch. I get the flashing lights indicating error or device misalignment.
Got the same issue! Does anyone resolve it? Which charger is able to charge the watch?
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I visited my local Samsung store and they advised the slightly older charging pads do not work with the watch. Only the newest pad works (duo) which was released at the same time the watch was. 

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Perhaps a large washer made of suitable conductive material will zoom in for a smart watch charge. I find it annoying that i cant use a small portable wireless charging pad for a smart watch as well as a phone I like my S9 can charge using a cheap wieless charger. I put my nice new galaxy watch on it oh no flashing senor light cant pick it up throw me away Im garbage led indicator..

Any ideas, im suggesting copper sheet wont be any good

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