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Disable Galaxy Watch vibrating for muted WhatsApp Messages

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most of my WhatsApp Groups are muted on my mobile phone. I get the messages as notifications but without ringtone or vibration, because sometimes groups do really escalate.

But when I receive a group message from a muted group on WhatsApp, my Galaxy Watch vibrates. But I don't want it to vibrate, that's why I muted the group. Can I deactivate it also for groups?

It's really annoying, when I receive 20 new messages in a group and everytime the watch vibrates.


Remark: I do not want to completely disable WhatsApp messages. Only the muted groups should not give a notification feedback like vibrating on my watch. For normal conversations the vibration is desired.


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Have the same issue.


Will be returning my Galaxy watch as it's making my work life imposible as you cant mute whatsap messages.



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Same problem here.. Incredibly annoying to have my watch vibrate constantly with messages from muted groups. Sometimes I just take the watch off because of how unbearable it is. I wish there were a solution to this...

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Anyone with a solution to this? 

Send it back is the best solution, making sure samsung understands to sell quailty not cheap hash of a not so smart watch, if this watch could take a test it would be a d-
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I've done so.. Basically no integration with whatsapp or most Android apps for that matter  

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Have done so. No integration with android apps, especially whatsapp 

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Why is this issue still not solved, it looks very important to me. I had to disable WhatsApp notifications because of this. But WhatsApp is nowadays the most important communication app.  I'm getting to much notifications from muted groupchats so at this point i have no other option then disabling WhatsApp notifications.

I've the same issue. All whatsapp muted groups are being to vibrate my watch. It's a very annoying situation. Is it a solution?

Agree. Same for me.


If I muted a group if for a reason,

I hate it re-pop-up on my whrist!!!

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