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Customisable Run/Interval Trainaing

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I am using the Galaxy Watch (linked to my Galaxy S8). I do lots of different types of runs with just my watch and would like to set up customised training sessions.


Most information i have found directs you to use either the dedicated workout schedule programs OR use the pace-setter option under the workouts. However, I've found neither to be customisable enough to set up the training im after. The pace-setter is still limiting to what you can set.


As an example, I would like to set up interval training as:

- Run 400m 

- 75 second rest

(repeat the above 8 times)


My friends using other brand watches can set these customisable runs before we go, I've found I have to watch the distance and time and keep hitting the manual lap. Am i missing something or is this not possible currently in S Health?


EDIT: Alternatively, is it possible to create our own programs and add them to S Health?

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