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Connectivity issues with Gear S3

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My watch Tizen version is, and software version R760XXU2ESF2. My phone (S9) is on Android V9, and have the September 2019 security patch. 


I have been having connectivity issues with my watch and my phone. My watch will randomly disconnect from my phone. Recently,I had to do a factory reset on my watch, and it reconnected, but I am still having issues with it disconnecting when my phone is right next to me.  It will sometimes automatically reconnect, others I need to go in and do it from the Gear app. Any idea on what the issue may be?

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Hey @FoxtrotUniform1 ,


that may be caused by different factors. Can you confirm if you are using any Power Saving Settings on the phone? This can be checked from: Settings> Device care> Battery> Power mode. 

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It's set to "Optimized"

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