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Come on, Samsung!!!

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Let me start by sayimg that I am very fond of my Samsung products. Great design and functionality... alas that is when they work.. wich they don't..


My 2018 q9f has decided to have problems turning on because of connection issues with the "one box".. the tv has not been moved once since installing it so the fault must be QC-related..

My 2018 iconX headphones needed a warrenty-voiding modification to have equal volume in both ears..

My 2018 Gear S3 has a faulty GPS unit..

My Galaxy S9 has a physical button that can only be mapped to a function i don't use (bixby) since it isn't compatible with the apps I use... Come on, Samsung.. since I hate ios products, I simply don't know where to put my money anymore.. so disappointed


I feel you with similar issues: samsung smart tv,gear iconx 2018. Samsung no more from me after gear iconx 2018 fail too soon with loss 95% sound left one and the proximity sensor disconnecting too sensitive!

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You can take out the black grid and remove the white membrane and put the grid back.

This will fix the volume drop, but beware.. it will void your waranty and possibly make your unit more prone to waterdamage. It worked for me though.

I have experienced the earbuds disconnecting due to the proximiry-sensor, but with my ears I just adjust them a little, but I can imagine that beeing a problem.. 😕


Have done that and no fix possible i suppose its broken. I am not the only one having that issue. About the proximity it became after 2 months really anoying... Bottom line is i bought sony wireless neckband and found my music and talking again. I believe The technology is not ready yet for any brand from my research all have same issues!

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