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Charger duo - slight buzzing sound


Got my charger duo the other day which I'm very happy about. I keep it in the bedroom for charging overnight and have noticed that when a phone or my watch are on it, there is a slight but still annoying buzzing sound coming from it. It makes this noise whether or not the device on it has finished charging - if one of the charging indicators on the charger is on, it will buzz.


Anyone else had this?

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Does the buzz still occur when no device is sat on it @ConcreteLlama


Even when a device has finished charging if it's still left on the charger it will still trickle charge.


Could the buzz your hearing possibly be the cooling fan ?


If not then for peace of mind if this was me id try to see if there was a retail model in a shop so I could listen to that one but if that's not possible where you live then see if you can request a replacement. 


I've not seen any other posts on forums saying it makes this sound. 



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@BandOfBrothers Funnily enough at first I did think it sounded like a fan but didn't expect a wirelesss charger to have one - I've got a couple of wireless chargers and none have fans, at least not audible ones. So it may well be that...


Ive noticed it is quite noisy too. There is a slight buzzing but its mostly the fan noise that bothers me at night.

I read on another forum that if you turn off fast charge mode on phone the fan wont kick in but doesnt make a difference.

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I love Samsung products.. however this charger is terrible .. I cannot use it at the side of my bed because of the noise it makes. It sounds like fans inside the housing. Extremely disappointing.. unlike the normal Samsung experience. 

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I'm glad that I found this post. I received my free charger and was extremely impressed with what I saw until i put it by my bed. It is incredibly loud and not suitable for bedside. I thought mine was faulty but it looks to be a design flaw instead. Such a shame as it is a great idea for the watch and phone. 

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If you turn the quick charge off the phone it stops the fan kicking in .. but I haven't figured out how to do the same with my watch .. think I'll sell the charger ... really disappointed 

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