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Changing sleep goals in Samsung Health


Please read my reply.  This may be what you need.


Thanks for the update. 

Now all I have to do is find the corresponding setting in my brain. 😊

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This seems to be the right way to change the sleep targets, but I can't seem to use it to _reset_ them (to have no targets). Do you happen to know how to do that? I even tried setting start and end to 00:00, but it seems to take it as 24hrs of sleep and not accept. Thanks. 


I'm presuming that you're using Android devices such as phones or tablets. 

When you get to the place where you enter the times, try pressing and holding for a few seconds. 

This is the Android equivalent of a right click (more correctly a button 2) in Windows systems. 

In its turn, I teach silver-surfers that a right click (see above) takes them to menu which they should think of as "what can I do to/with this". 

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Thanks Swifty for the response.


Yes, Android was assumed I thought since it's Samsung... However, I don't see where to long-press on the time sliders at Samsung Health -> Sleep -> (overflow menu) -> Set Targets.

Also not sure it would bring up a Clear Target item.

I tried setting start and end to both 00:00, it takes it as 24 hours and doesn't accept. 


Sorry Arthur, I do not know how to reset your sleep goals to have no goal.

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