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Cant purchase from watch faces or apps

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What is up with the problems adding a card to purcahse watch faces and apps. No cards will work that I try and my Monzo card when i try that comes up in the Monzo app that the expiry date is wrong. Now i know its right as I am copying it of the card and it works every where else. 


Do the developes need to have a look at the code and make sure its parsing the data a user enters correctly?? please fix! 

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Oh just to say when i register the card if i use the format

2/21 for expiry it registers and does a test purchase on my account, but i cant purchase any thing.
if i use 02/21 it does not do a test purchase.....
Your developers might want to check they are parse the date correctly I have a feeling some where if you put in a month with only 2 digit it does not like it
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