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Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App | Blank White Screen | Galaxy Watch


I hope someone at Samsung clicks this link.... I SPELLED OUT THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM FOR YOU!


At this point, I'm POSITIVE that I could perform the jobs of 5 of you incompetent Samsung employees. But, after being a part of this ABSOLUTELY LOVELY experience... I would rather die in a fire. PLUS, based on the amount of intelligence I have witnessed from your company.... YOU COULDN'T ****ING AFFORD ME!!


I signed in 1 minute ago.
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Me 2  

Thx for the rage

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Also working for me too,



it’s working now.  Thanks for your anger guys.  It wasn’t going to work such fast without you.  Actually I bought the watch 3 days ago and started to hate it after this issue.  I will return love it 

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Mine has started to work


Mine is strangly working too now.


Well done all, and power to the people! But samsung PLEASE it shouldn't really have to come too this, should it. You seem to make good products that people like. Just tell us you have an issue and are working on it and keep us informed thats all, not hard in this day of social networks etc.




HOLY ***************!!!!!!!


I would say thank you Samsung, but that would be like thanking someone for washing their hands after wiping their ass... THIS is called RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!


Software fix aside.... THANK YOU to everyone who helped bring this problem to light!!! ( Forum posters, NOT you Samsung)


I know we're all happy that our watches are working.... But I think it's pretty obvious that Samsung WAS dragging their heels, and giving absolutely ***** customer service and I think now I understand why..... *GOLF CLAP* WELL DONE SAMSUNG!!! You've gone from making SOLID products, to a brand that I will NEVER AGAIN give so much as a thought to..... Good luck, go explode in someone else's pocket, I'll be spending my money somewhere else!!






@sahilproximity wrote:

Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App | Blank White Screen | Galaxy Watch 


My Device Specs 

Xiaomi note 4X

Galaxy Watch 46mm

I'm From Ukraine


Need Help As Soon As Possible.


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