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Calories count and bpm, active 2


Watch active 2 clearly ignores bpm when estimating calories burnt, which is very wrong!!! Please, correct it! Otherwise, the watch is useless. This was the same problem with active (1) as well.


(Aerobics was tracked as " other workout" on the watch because it soes not have... aerobics 😂🤔🙄🙄🙄)



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I had the same issue.  The device does not calculate calories burned correctly.  I contacted the company and they acknowledged this is an issue.  I find it absolutely unbelievable that they just released a fitness product that doesn't correctly calculate calories.  it's absolutely mind boggling.  It's a ***** shame because this watch is awesome for everything else.  I have had Samsung phones for years.  I was so excited to try this watch.  One would think that if ACTIVE was in the name, it would work as a fitness device.  Unreal.  

Here is a snip from my chat with the first Samsung rep:

Me: I just got my new Active 2. I love it so far; however, the calorie count for workouts is very wrong. When I researched a little bit, I found that this is apparently an issue your company has had with several of its watches. Is there a fix for this?
10:12 AM
Sorry for the experience. Unfortunately for now the bug isn't still fix. 
the next rep that she passed me to:
Me: So, you're telling me you released a fitness product that cannot correctly calculate Calories?
10:35 AM
I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.
10:37 AM
But I want to inform you that we have no such reported issues yet. (Which is opposite of what the first rep said)
This was horrible.  I might actually have to switch to apple products which makes me want to puke.  

Well, yeah, I feel the same. Switched to S10 from Huawei, really loving it... But the watch... I had to return the active (1) due to a terribly off heart rate monitor. The 2 is better (not great), but now sports tracking is sooo disappointing... I gave up fitbit after 5 years, and I enjoy the active 2 watch so much more now, do not want to switch to anything else... (no apple for me).... I am waiting for Samsung for now. I believe this can be fixed on the current hardware

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Not only that, but the GPS tracking is also really bad.
I hope they will fix that as soon as possible!
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That doesn't seem correct!



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I'm having exactly the same issue; bought the Samsung Active 2. Done 4 spin classes, all of them where my HR was similar and yet the calories range between 300-500cals. Then, I tried another class, HR was a lot lower, and somehow burnt 800 calories. It's totally inaccurate; I just bought it last week and considering returning it. 

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I'm not 100-percent but I believe the higher your heart rate the less calories you should burn this is because you are in a high intensity zone building your fitness your fat burning zone is when your heart rate is raised but not flat out you will burn more calories in fat burn zone normally for me around 130-150 beats per minute 

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