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Bug Report: Samsung Galaxy Watch tracks too many swim lanes

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My Galaxy Watch with latest firmware (Aug 2019) R800XXU1CSG4 tracks too many (short) lanes.

The lane length is set correctly to 50m, yet about 20% of the lanes are counted as 2 lanes.

My avarage time for a lane is 65sec.

Some of the recorded lanes are measured as long as just 13sec, which is much less than the current world record!


So here is my bug report:

  • do not count lane times that are impossible ( < 20sec at 50m lane)
  • use probability (if a user usually needs 65sec for a lane, then 40sec is very unlikely)
  • take long term statistics of the user into account
  • use the relatively steady phase when the swimmer pushes himself off the edge of the pool as an indicator for a new lane
  • retroactively correct the lane counter if a current event makes the before counted lanes improbable


AndrewL Moderator
@xylome: I've had a look into this for you, and the user manual states that the recorded value of the swimming app may not be accurate in following cases:
– If you stop swimming before reaching the end of the lane
– If you change your swimming stroke midstream
– If you stop moving your arms before reaching the end of the lane
– If you kick with your legs on a kickboard or swim without moving your arms
– If you do not pause or restart the exercise by pressing the Back key, but finish
the exercise by pressing the Back key and tapping FINISH

Please take the above into account during your next session to see if you notice an improvement in the results.
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All the mentioned points do not apply!

  • I'm swimming contantly
  • I'm using my arms during swimming (only freestyle or breaststroke)
  • I'm changing the swim style only per lane
  • I'm not using the back key for pause

The problem is that it's counting too many (and impossible short) lanes


I'm a software developer for IOT, so I know that it is not an easy task to "guess" the lanes when you just have an accerelometer.

My point is: use probability and statistics and ignore impossible or unlikely lanes.


I'm pleased to report that I received an update to my Active 2 last week and Samsung have finally fixed the problem and the watch now tracks lengths perfectly. 

Took a long time but they came through in the end. 

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