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Bixby watch contacts

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Hi everyone, this is driving me insane, not that bixby is much cop.... but when I say send a message or call someone it says no contacts have been found...... I can go to contacts and see them on the watch and can manually text or ring the contacts, I've reset watch wiped phone 8 times and nothing  helps I've got to stage where I want to smash the ***** up..... 

phone is note 9 everything up to date....

samsung galaxy watch 42mm rose gold .....




CarloL Moderator

Hey @Allysisa! Where have you got your contacts saved on your Note 9? Try saving all of them on your phone by heading to: Contacts app > Import/export contacts > Import all your contacts to your phone > Import. Afterwards, turn your watch OFF and ON and try using Bixby again to call or send a message to your contacts. Does it help?

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