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Battery life samsung gear 4

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Hi , I've only had my watch (42mm) since Monday and have to say I am very disappointed with the battery life, I am barely getting a full day out of it and have most everything turned off ...what's the point of the watch if I can't use half the apps? Any help on this would be much appreciated .


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Hi @Collumbell


As you've only had the watch a few days it will take a little while for the battery to fully optimise which happens after a few discharge and recharge cycles.


Also when it's new people use alot my battery setting it up and generally playing with it to familiarise themself with it too.


On my watch I opt to use a dark watch face and do not use AOD and turn Location Off.


Screen timeout is 30 seconds.


I periodically ensure my apps are closed.


I do not typically take calls on it but I do use it to read emails and send texts and receive quite a few notifications on it.


What have you turned Off may I ask ?


I'm in the UK and we typically have 30 days from purchase to be able to return the product for it to be swapped out. After the 30 days it's a repair / diagnostic.


My Gear s3 Frontier watch gives me 2 to 3 days usage.



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