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BMI - Crazy error mixing weight and height - Samsung Health - Galaxy S8

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I have a Galaxy S8 and a Gear Sport.

In my profile on both Samsung Health mobile app and the Gear Sport profile, I have set correctly my weight in kg and my height in cm.

On the mobile App, I noticed that on the Weight widget (not the Weight management widget), when clicking on Track, there is a scale icon indicating my weight (which is correct), and on the bottom there is a metric for BMI that is crazy incorrect --> 160!!

Also, on the bottom, there is a metric for height, which is not displaying my height in cm as it is on my profile, but instead it's showing my weight.


When I click on the INFO button, there is an explanation about BMI and how it is calculated. The formula example uses real values, and I can see it is using my weight / my weight squared.


As I know a bit about programming, I believe the more likely explanation is that a programmer did a mistake and called the variable for weight when they should have called the height. 


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?



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I have the exact same issue! Just noticed it this morning, when I was asked to register my weight. There must be something wrong within the app's code, because I'm nowhere near overweight, but somehow S Health does think so.

be like me and not use this app
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still happens 

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Made an account to help...Open the Samsung Health App, tap weight, trends, delete the entries. When you go back to the main weight screen it should reflect your profile height and weight. 

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