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Automatic Goodnight Mode

Page 141 of the manual suggests that Goodnight mode can be activated automatically by the watch and I have seen screen shots that confirm the watch can do this, but it has never worked for me. I have to activate manually each night.
"Before bedtime, the Galaxy Watch notifies you to go to sleep. Activate goodnight mode optimised for sleep. When you receive the notification for activating goodnight mode, follow the screen to activate it."
I know Do Not Disturb can be set to a schedule but has anyone else had goodnight mode activated automatically by the watch?
Maybe I have an alert or notification turned off, but no idea where to look. If I have turned it off by mistake, how can I turn it back on short of a full reset?




My GW 46 mm has never alerted me for the Goodnight setting. I do not know how to set it that it is coming automatically. But if it comes at 21.30 it is much too early for me. The manual is nice but gives a lot of room for questions.


Now, interestingly my watch started asking me if I wanted to turn on goodnight mode around the time I normally go to bed. The message was if I did nothing it would automatically switch on in X minutes.


since the last OS update, this has stopped happening?

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