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AoD if Galaxy watch is placed on charger?

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Thank you. It's awesome

definitely a feature, expected by default.

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use WU Fix app in galaxy store through galaxy wearable app

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All jokes aside, it is a nice feature to set the watch in the charging doc yet still be able to see the time. Some AOD watch faces are totally awesome with neon type hands against a black background.  I was surprised myself that this was not a feature, and odly, tapping the watchface to initiate a power level readout while charging was not originally present either; it was in an update.


I do hope the developers will seriously consider AOD remaining when charged; if desired.  Having a little "alarm clock" for $350+ is just an added perk to the already wonderful features of the watch; when active.


Other than the Galaxy Gear 2 that same out with a camera/video ability (which they never took that away), this Galaxy Watch is one of the best I've worn; the Active 2 looks to be exceptional as well, with battery life the only concern against the Galaxy Watch.


Have a great day all.

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