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Alti-barometer on 46mm watch

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Unfortunately, I agree.  Currently, my altimeter and barometer are not working at all.  I just did another full reset today to no avail.  The altimeter seemed to go through a period of decline: For a few weeks the watch was recording phantom floors climbed (50 or 60 in a day), then stopped recording any floors at all.  There are no values at all in the altimeter/barometer screen.  I can tap the circle to calibrate it, but it's unclear whether it's doing anything.

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calibrate doesn't do anything really, it just downloads nearest weather station info so it can calculate altitude based on the preasure it measures

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The altimeter on this watch is useless. The software is garbage, but that doesn't matter because the sensor itself is so bad. My wife bought me this watch as a gift so I continue to use it, but for outdoor activities I still use my 20 year old Suunto which has a reliable altimeter.


herefore, if I set the altimeter to 0 meters, the hPa will magically and automatically change to the "correct" value of.....?


Pressure readout always is (or should be) the current pressure.

The reason to calibrate is to tell the altimeter the current pressure altitude.


If you are sealevel, and you calibrate (which you can do in 2 ways in the settings: either set the altitude to 0, OR set the current pressure), the watch will (should) show you at an altitude of 0.


If subsequently the pressure changes, you will see the pressure change in the barometer, but you will also see a change in the altimeter (even if you don't change altitude). The reason is that the altimeter just follows the rule that "pressure changes approximately 1 hPa with every 8m", so if pressure drops with 1 hPa, it will show you an altitude of 8m. If you are indeed moving up and pressure is constant, this will give you a good estimate of your altitude. If however it is just a pressure change and you stay put, you should recalibrate.


The reason for the 2 ways of calibration is that it may be that you know your altitude (e.g. some sign on a hiking path) or you may know the pressure at sealevel. This is what the pressure WOULD BE at your location IF you would be at sea level; this follows the same 1 hPa/8m rule; airports supply this  to allow pilots to calibrate their altimeters (it is called QNH). But you always need to know one of the two (your altitude or the QNH) in order to calibrate; autocalibration takes your location and uses that knowledge (I don't know if it uses gps altitude or looks up the regional QNH from your position). 


You can check that if you change the calibrated altitude, it also changes the calibrated pressure and vice versa.


You are correct V_J, but if the barometer has constant offset i.e. follows the changes in pressure but with a (fixed) offset, then you are in trouble. 
Therefore a way of 'setting' an offset to compensate for erroneous readout would be appreciated. 


The process of calibration by getting the (sea level) pressure at a nearby reference (according to your current position - GPS) and then adjusting the altimeter to a value in accordance with the difference in pressure from your barometer and the reference is doomed to fail if a fixed offset value (correction to read out) cannot be applied.
I have to add approx. 30 m to the altimeter to get an almost correct value whenever I calibrate.


True (which is why I wrote "should"). I just wanted to clarify how the pressure altimeter and barometer are connected, as it seemed to me this was not clear for some people. The calibrate in the user interface is not to calibrate the barometer.
Even with the offset error, the altimeter is usable (if you calibrate it using a known altitude or know the error and account for it when calibrating with pressure), but there should not be such an error in the first place - or there should be a way to fix it.

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Bought mine in March this year. I received a few quick pressure drop alerts. Didn't know why as the barometer showed 1023hPa. A few days later the barometer showed me a fixed 0 hPa.

Dynafix (the Dutch repair centre for samsung) updated the firmware and couldn't found a problem with the missing push button on the side (?!) Afther 3 weeks I received it back and it worked again.

4 weeks later (just last night) same problem. Tomorrow I'll send it in again.


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