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Alti-barometer on 46mm watch



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I'm finalizing this arguent since you're not going anywhere with this... And I hope you're never piloting any of the planes I'm on...


Your exact words, ipsis verbis were "If you adjust either altitude or pressure on a device that reports both, the other should change automatically." So, if I change one, the other should change automatically, is that it? Therefore, if I set the altimeter to 0 meters, the hPa will magically and automatically change to the "correct" value of.....?


Isn't it funny that now you say "What I AM saying is that if you measure pressure at ONE location, and then move to another higher/lower location, PRESSURE AT THE NEW LOCATION WILL BE DIFFERENT." AFTER I wrote "If you are at sea level with an atmospheric pressure of X hPa THEN, when you move, your watch knows at what altitude you're at based on that reference, period, simples as that."



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@Racklefratz: I can see that this is getting a little heated, however please refrain from using insults and try to keep the conversation on track.

Back to the issue.

It seems that the accuracy of the pressure sensor is the issue. Mine shows approx. 5 hPa above correct value.

I live near a reference for sea level pressure (airport at sea level), at an altitude of 14 m but the altitude shown is -22 m. (pressure values; at my altitude 977.2 hPa, at sea level 979.0, and watch shows 981 hPa)
This gives false altitude when using 'automatic' calibration to sea level pressure (as obtained from the internet based on your location).
When using the 'manual' setting one should be able to set both altitude AND pressure as a reference for readings following after (as long as there is no change in sea level pressure or reference level).
The 'missing' accuracy which seems to be of a constant value as the precision seems ok. (i.e. the readings follow the correct value but offset) leads to this:
A way to enter a fixed offset could be a fix.


My watch measurements are way off. Just as an example I'm attaching two images of the same MTB ride, one with the correct elevation gain (altimetry profile) and the other measured by the watch.Screenshot_20190302-183428_Connect.jpgReferenceScreenshot_20190302-175922_Samsung Health.jpgMeasured by watch Also like I said, my widget does NOT allow me to manually calibrate its values. The start and finish is at sea level.

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Hi, it seems altimeter on Gear is actually not working, everybody complains ...

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It happened to me, after longer time of barometer behaving eraticaly for some time then it would be OK for a few days or hours... Then the barometer was completely lost, as a result, gestures didnt work. I have used the warranty, they did factory reset on the service level. It worked for  couple of days, behaving eratically again, only to stop working after few days. Used warranty again and they have changed the sensor and the motherboard. It works but it still behaves and I think that it is design flaw. Barometer tube is on the down side of the device. When youre doing an activity you keep sweating more, while at the same time so the heart rate monitor would work better when there are more movements of the arm you have to tighten the belt. Result is that barometer tube becomes clogged  with water/sweat and it stops showing corect figures. To me, after about 10-20 minutes of every activity, it starts to show lower and lower pressure/altitude, so after some times it is showing altitude of -800m and more. I'm very dissapointed in this...




I've returned mine and I don't want to see another galaxy watch. It's still too much of a beta version. Maybe a second generation will be worth while but definitely not this one.

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I honestly agree, although all other things on it I use, any other watch doesnt have... I dont want apple


Hi @BranimirM,

Some of the watch's functionalities work and are useful but everything and anything related to sports activities recording and monitoring that is based on its sensors work miserably.


Too bad Samsung, you should have done A LOT more testing and debugging before selling this device. 

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