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After new update Galaxy Watch still not measuring heart rate.


I got the newest update for my Galaxy Watch over the weekend and there is so far zero improvement in heart rate tracking during activity. I was really hoping that this update would fix the issue, many people are saying that it worked for them but no change for me. I'm going to try restarting my Watch then if that doesnt work I'll back up and restore it. If that doesnt work I'm literally done! So so fed up with this now.


It didn't work for me either. I returned the watch. Too much money for a bracelet which shows you reliably notifications only.

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Same issue with new GW.   Worked at first and no longer works. Band is very tight and watch does not move. Arm shaved where sensor is

Bought it back (a brand new one), did the update and works smooth not a single drop during Workout
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What do you mean by "bought it back"?  Did you replace it with a new one?

Sent it back a month ago, purchased a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire. Then read about the latest update and purchased back a Samsung galaxy Watch
Hmm, again started acting crazy, a lot of fail reading today

HI Rach77


has your problem been resolved? 

For the most part yes. Had a bit of an issue today with my workout as the watch just stopped tracking it all by itself after 45 minutes. Restated my watch incase it was a glitch.
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