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Activity Tracking on Galaxy Watch


I’m absolutely loving my new watch, but today was the first time that I attempted to track my workout at the gym. Although it tracked the duration of the workout the calorie count is way off. For a 45 minute spin class, it registered that I had burnt 45 calories! I have used a number of different activity trackers and this activity usually tracks in excess of 300 calories. Am I doing something wrong?


Im having the exact same issues as you. Did you notice if the HR was active while you were spinning? I think my issue is the HR is intermittent and calorie count relies on this, I maybe wrong, probably am but its all I can come up with. Samsung UK just told me to return for a refund or send to a service center (18-21 days)...


It was definitely a problem with the Heart Rate Monitor... it wasn’t working at all. I reset the watch back to factory settings and it seems to be monitoring now, although I will only really know tomorrow, when I’m back at the gym.


I’ll let you know how I get on.


If you could that would be great, mine does actually monitor now and again just way over what it should be compared to Fitbit..


So I’m still having problems with activity tracking in general and the root cause seems to be the HR monitor. It has a life of its own... sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. I was advised to perform a factory reset, which I have done 3 times now and whilst it seems to fix the problem initially, after a few hours it’s not working again. 


I called Samsung this morning and I have to say their customer service is absolutely shocking. The chap I spoke to didn’t acknowledge any problems with the product, refused to comment on the hundreds of threads on the community board and when I ask to speak to his supervisor, I was put on hold for 10mins and then disconnected.


I’m absolutely furious as I really do love the watch, but I can’t see past these really basic problems. I won’t be ordering a new one anytime soon.  If Samsung aren’t acknowledging the problems I have zero confidence in them fixing it.


As someone who works in the technology industry, I find it extraordinary that a company like Samsung have no mechanism for customers to log issues. How on earth can the engineers fix the bugs, if they don’t get to hear about them.


Rant over... I hope you have better luck.




Guys please see the below thread regarding the HR monitoring stopping working mid workout. This problem has been present for the last 9 months and Samsung have not fixed it. It effects multiple devices (now including the galaxy watch) in both the EU and US.

Please drop a comment in that thread if you have the above issue.


Samsung are aware of It and have even replicated there side. It is a software issue.


I feel your pain regarding tech support, here in the UK anyway. They really have no idea of anything happening within Samsung and I have a suspicion (probably wrong) that they are contracted in rather than employed by Samsung in the Philipines. 


In regards to the fitness tracking, mine has marginally improved by enabling continious HR and disabling automatic activity tracking. The steps are still really low over a day (-3800) but were within 300 aganst my Fitbit on a 3 mile walk. Fitbit I think measure every movement to make you feel good, with Galaxy watch, you really have to work hard to get those steps.


I think your right though, there is definately an issue with the HR function which I think in turn affects the calorie burn. This is my biggest issue, its completely off the scale resulting in users never being able to achieve their weight goals calculated by samsung on Samsung Health. Fitbit yesterday 2768 calories burnt, Galaxy watch 1836, the calories sitting down for an hour are the same for a 60 minute gym workout..

Is it the HR, I think so but Samsung TS didnt have a clue and just asked me to return the watch for a refund or wait 3 weeks for a replacement. I have all data from a 48 hour period ready to give them but they didnt want it, no email address or method to deal with suggestions, fixes or actual technical support  

I know there is a softare update coming very soon to the UK, already out in US and Holland I believe, hoping this will resolve many issues, if not Ill be taking up their offer of a refund too.


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A couple of days ago I received the new Samsung watch (2018 model) and use it as a daily activity tracker and smartwatch. Unfortunately the count of burned calories are not accurate at all. This means that the total burned calories on days when I do exercises like fitness or running are a bit more burned calories (20-50) in comparing to days when I don’t exercise. Previous used fitness trackers like the Fitbit are working fine.


I am are that this issue is reported previously for other models like the S3 and S3 sport. I returned a Gear S3 Sport to the shop for the same issue before. They told me that it was not a issue with the 2018 model. Of course I filled in the required information like weight, length ect.


Anyone has a solution for this?

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Same problem here.. I wonder if any other samsung wearables can measure calories while spinning indoors.

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I'm having the same issue here... Pretty much the only reason I got the watch was to track my sport activity and it sucks! I'm pretty sure the problem is when the sensor gets sweaty or something because whenever I start working out it works but after a few minutes it just stops tracking my HR. 

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