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Active watch 2 UK delivery delay?

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Ordered mine on 17th and still nothing. Was meant to be dispatched yesterday. Spoke to them today and was told it would  be sent today and I'll get an email to confirm- guess what. Nothing. Spoke to live chat tonight and she couldn't get in to my account. Funny that... just checked online and it's still shipping requested like it has been for weeks


Last night, 22:30 got email:  The following items are on their way to you. Will see.


Good morning, all

i, too, received 2 emails last night regarding the watch delivery.  I have done a track on the parcel and DPD advise it is in their Radlett depot, so I am hoping their claim of delivery today is factual!

Got it! 11:20. DPD. No time... busy

Mine arrived around 11am today, very pleased with the watch.  Now spending all day working out how to use it (properly!).  I can’t link to my Samsung J3 phone, will have to contact 3 on Monday, other than that, all seems pretty good at moment.

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I have truly never experienced such awful customer services.

i preordered my watch on 9th September and paid for it. I had an email on 20/09/19 saying they had cancelled it. I had to chase why and was passed around non stop. I took six days of chasing to get a refund. I was told to re order the watch and they would make sure I would get it. I ordered the watch on 24/09/19 and paid for a time slot delivery this morning. I had no dispatch email so called the customer services this morning and was told they have no watches to send!! Yet again they have my money and I am a month down the line and have no watch!! The manager said “that’s just the way it goes”! I’m waiting for them to check with their warehouse as to when I can expect my watch.

why on earth are they letting people pre order the watches, book delivery time slots and take their money knowing that they don’t have the stock!

I can’t believe they’ve done it to me twice! Furious and disappointed with a dismal customer services 

I received mine this morning.... Although getting it connected to 4g is proving to be a problem 🤔
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That's exactly whats happened to me too Katy, my order got cancelled for no known reason so had to reorder it which means no free wireless charger with the new order and now they don't know when they'll have the watch available. Customer service with this company is absolutely awful
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