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Active Watch 2 HIIT tracking

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I notice that this watch doesn't have a specific HIIT or interval training option on the activity tracking (my training partner has an interval training option on her Apple watch). Is the circuit training option the same as this? This is really important to me as HIIT is my main form of exercise and I need the tracking to be accurate. 

Thanks in advance!

This bugs me too - I work bloody hard in HIIT/Bootcamp and have to log it as 'other workout'!
DannyT Moderator
This is certainly something we can pass on as feedback to our Development Team guys. And in fact, I have just done exactly that! I'll let you know what we get back.

Great idea!


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Hi Danny

Thanks for your reply, its really appreciated. 

Looking forward to the reply from the developers, I end up a big sweaty heap on the floor after my HIIT Class so it would be great if all my effort was properly recorded!

Kind regards 

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I used circuit training today during an orange theory fitness workout.  Sadly it way under recorded calories burned.  

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