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Active 2 Weather App and Widget

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Active 2 connected to S7 Edge. Weather on Active 2 doesnt update as per schedule set on Weather app on phone (hourly).

Watch and phone fully upto date with all updates. Location permissions (high accurancy granted). The only way I have found to get the weather on the watch to update is to manually disconnect and reconnect from the phone. This would appear to force the watch app to read the weather data from the phone. I have read several other posts detailing problems with the Weather app but can see no definative solution to the issue.

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Ok so an update to the issue....

I would appear that the weather on the watch will update if the watch records a workout that involves GPS (walking etc).

Manually requesting a weather update on the watch however results in the app closing or hanging with a spinning update wheel.

Ideas anyone on who to proceeed ???

Watch weather app version 4.3.183

S7 Edge weather app version

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