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Active 2 4G compatibility with UK mobile networks

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I'm considering purchasing the new Active 2 4G watch, but just discovered that it is only compatible with either EE or Vodafone networks in the UK. 

I am currently on the Three network, and would like to be able to use the 4G features with this provider.


Is this the case? or will there be support with all UK mainstream providers in the pipeline for the Active 2 watch?


Thanks all....


AndrewL Moderator
@Technik21: At the moment the Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G model is only compatible with the EE network in the UK, and there's currently no news on whether it will be available through Three. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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@AndrewL: Thanks for your reply.

I am still confused about this, as I just contacted Samsung UK for confirmation, and they said that the Active 2 4G watch is unlocked to all UK mobile networks.


Being that the watch is not released yet, I’m just hoping this might be the case?


Fingers crossed!   



Hi Mate! 


Yes, they're correct. 

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 are unlocked in any network and it will only depends on the Network Providers if they do support E-SIM on their end. As of the moment, it seems that the official network which has an E-SIM are the EE and Vodafone here in UK. 



Thank you! 

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Ah I see now.


Well hopefully this will become mainstream soon.


Thanks for your help........

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Spent 1 week on calls to Samsung & Vodafone daily, after many hours wasted & arguing my way to speak to senior staff, Samsung & Vodafone staff now say the Samsung Active 2 watch is not supported on the Vodafone network in the UK.., this is not mentioned on the Samsung website when one purchases the Active 2 watch.., im sure 1000's of people have spent hours wasting their valuable time like i have...., this is absolutely unacceptable, & there are laws in the UK that protect consumers against poor service, false information & faulty goods...., i will be putting in a claim against Samsung, & if anyone else wants to claim, please respond & i will pass on details....., if this post is not allowed, or taken down, ive made a copy & will also communicate to the consumer rights group that Samsung does not bother to answer anyone on the forum, but obviously monitors it?


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Yes please. I would like this information. I have spend weeks going in circles from Vodafone to Samsung and back again. I went in to vodafone store who said Vodafone do not support. Not very happy

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