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£300 Galaxy Watch 46mm Useless Now With Latest Update

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I am not alone and Samsung seem uninterested in sorting this problem, I cannot sign into my Samsung account on my Huawei Mate 20X mobile now after the latest update, so all my watch face won’t send to my Galaxy Watch 46mm, nor any of my purchased apps, and none will update, all I get is a white screen.

I have contacted Huawei and I am not alone, they are having thousands contacting them daily, it is not Huawei’s problem, it is Samsungs and they need to sort it, it is also happening with all the other major Far East makes like OnePlus, Google Pixl etc.

Come on Samsung please sort this problem, or have you done it on purpose, I will not just lose £300 like this!

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I hear ye I'm in the same boat ,using the p20 pro with my watch and I can't log into Samsung account I keep getting a white screen ! I may as well have a stone tied to my wrist . Surly samsuSS can't just turn a blind eye to this problem and hope it goes away ? Can they?

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