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How to Set Up Your Galaxy Watch

European Community Manager
European Community Manager

Superuser I
Superuser I

I was impressed about how easy the setup process was for me, simply launch the app and follow the instructions - I was especially surprised that my watch shared the WiFi Settings with my phone :) 


Perhaps a bit of advice:

- Once you have installed the watch properly you can configure what notifications you can get though the watch. Simply enable your most important ones there (For example, whatsapp, messages etc.) and disable the rest. I really appriciate that I only get notifications when there is something that is important to me :) 

Helping Hand

Ich hab die Watch gebraucht von nem Freund gekauft und mein Handy und die Uhr haben sich als nicht gefunden. Irgend wann kamen wir auf die Idee, dass man die Watch erst zurücksetzten muss, damit sie sich mit dem „neuen Handy“ verbinden kann. Ab da war das Video super. ;)


Vielen Dank.