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Spotify on my Frame TV (2018-UE49LS03NAS) stops playing music after 1 second

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On my 49'' Frame tv (2018-UE49LS03NAS) spotify doesn't work properly. Each time after one second playing the music stops. Internetconnection is okay, Youtube and Netflix works perfect.

Spotify on my phone and on chromecast with another tv works okay too.


Somebody knows how to fix this?




First off all i would like to know what the full modelcode of this tv is (wich you can find on the back of the tv).

Then I would like to know the software version.( wich you can find under  Settings-support- about this tv- software version)


With this info we can check more things.


Mvg, JWolf


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I think the problem is solved without doing anyting. Yesterday i tried again and it worked. But thanks anyway.

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