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Samsung 49NU8070 no premium remote with television


Hallo I recvied my 49NU8070 about 4 weeks ago but it only came with the normal black smart remote, and not the premium remote I contacted the seller straight away and they said they will contact Samsung and send be the right remote. I am still waiting  has anyone else got the wrong  remote

Superuser I
Superuser I

The best thing to do in this case is to contact the seller, perhaps its a refurbished model where they have replaced the remote by accident (Can happen). Usually this is the case with the cheaper webshops.

The seller is responsible for delivering the correct goods according to the dutch law.


Anyhow, I'm quite curious. Does the full model number end with XXN? If not... You might have dealed with a seriously shady webshop that uses gray import.


Other than that its a great TV, I'm jelly


Thanks for the info mate, i have been in contacted with the seller from day one and they said they would contact Samsung and I should have the correct remote in 2-3 weeks its now 4 I contacted last week and they apologised and said they would contact Samsung again.
I got it from a partner seller on who sell a large amount of TVs with very good feed back, it was advertised as new and the box looked unopened and the TV not touched
I can't see any number on box or TV ending in XXN Serial Number ends in 164V
So yes it might be a grey import
Yes the Nu8070 is a wonderful TV very pleased with it just disappointed about the remote

Superuser I
Superuser I
Looks like a decent grey import in that case It might be the case that the original country doesn't have the premium remote by default.

Anyhow, don't let the seller point at Samsung - According to dutch law they are responsible and didn't deliver the product as advertised. They have to fix it and in the worst case situation you reserve the right to return the product until fulfill their part of the purchasing agreement.

Worst case scenario you might write a legal letter, here are examples of the authority consumer & market (Dutch Government) that you might direct at the seller if they don't comply:

(My apologies that its dutch ). I do of course don't want that you have to use it - But its important to be aware of your rights in the case that they don't comply to their part of the agreement.

/me still wants a better TV though!
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