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Smart Hub not working. ERR40001


Hi @LanderC


I downloaded the softtware update at url


I put the file T-KTMDEUC_1230.0.exe in a pen drive and followed the process as described in the guide.


As I tried to update the system via usb file, my TV searched the usb pendrive and then displayed a message saying that it already has the more recent version of the software (current software version 1123).


When I try to update it via internet it gives me the same message.


Do you know if I got the right file from the right website?


Please, keep helping me in trying to find a solution. There isn't samsung technical assistance here in Cape Verde.





LanderC Moderator


Thank you, @capuxo,


Please, try changing the DNS Server.


1. Acces to Settings.

2. Select General.

3. Tap on Network.

4. Press on Network Status.

5. Go to IP Settings.

6. Introduce either or as DNS Server. If the option is not enabled, set it up manually.


Please, comment if this works.







Thanks LanderC,

I tried setting up the DNS as you said.

I put both options you mentioned manually, but it did not work.

Do you think using a VPN connection might work?


LanderC Moderator


Thanks, @capuxo.


Have you tried resetting router? We recommend you to contact your network provider to help you out with manual settings as well.


In the other hand, please, try logging in with other Samsung account. When you are in General/ System Manager / Samsung Account, press the plus symbol and log in with another Samsung Account, or even with the same old one.


Let us know if this works for you.


Have a nice day!



First Poster


I to have the same problem. 

Model number UN58MU6100

SERIAL 06W73CCJ801310X


LanderC Moderator


Hi, @Jasonap:


Thank you for your comment. Did you follow the steps above?


Otherwise, the model you have is manufactured for America. From La Comunidad Samsung we give support for Spanish products. So, if the steps in this thread don't help solving it, please, contact with your country's support by clicking in this link.


Have a good day!


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