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samsung galaxy tab 6 ( t-580)

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I have a samsung galaxy tab 6 (t-580) can anyone advice me on what adapter to use as i wish to watch tablet on tv thankyou in advance.


Hi, @pat274


As this tablet does not support MHL connectivity you will not be able to directly connect the tablet to a TV using a cable. 


Depending on the TV you have it would probably be best to look into ways to Screen Mirror the tablet wirelessly onto the TV. 


Hi pat274


If you have a Smart TV then you may not need any extra devices at all as they can connect over your WiFi at home for that sort of thing.


If you just have a regular TV with an HDMI port in the back then it sounds like you need an AllShare Cast, if you click the link I've put below you will be able to see if this sounds like the right sort of thing for you!


Further to my post above, I have just noticed that the AllShare Cast dongles are no longer officially available on Samsung's website, therefore I would just go to your nearest Currys and buy a Google Chromecast for £30. You won't regret it, I use mine all the time and it's great. Hope this helps.

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