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What are the best Samsung tablets and why?

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I plan on getting a tablet. I would use it for work and home. Looking for high quality display, mobility, and option to use keyboard with tablet.


Edit/Update: Sounds like the majority agree the Tab S4 is the Samsung to go with. Though most agree apple has samsung beat in the tablet field.

Some ask for more specifics of how I'd be using it. It's a personal tablet. It will spend most of it's time in my room connected to a speaker or a desk. I plan on using it to take to work so I can write emails from the back room where we have no computers. I will also be writing music with it, using the s-pen. So, battery life is not a focus, since it will always be by or on a charger. The focus is connectivity between my phone and tablet. I keep my schedule and, well, everything on my Google account and want to use my tablet as another tool to access it all.

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@GemelGomes: I agree with the consensus here and recommend the Tab S4, or the Tab S6 if you feel like really treating yourself The Tab S5e doesn't come with an S Pen, but is otherwise a great bit of kit.

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