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Talk & Text not working on user accounts

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Ivevset up the talk & text successfully  with my tab s6 and s10e. But when I have created a new user account on the tab s6, activate talk & text then try and call I get following error


The device owner has prevented all calls from being made, except
emergency calls.


I have looked I the admin account and can't find the option anywhere to enable it. Does anyone know how or is message misleading and it is impossible to use talk & text on different user accounts? 


Many thanks

CarloL Moderator

Hi @davedidisco! We are not quite sure this can be done. Have you tried reaching out to your network provider in regards to this? 

AntS Moderator

Cheers @CarloL


I may have found a way...


On a UK Tab A I tried:


Settings > Accounts and backup > Users > click on the cog next to the relevant user account to bring up available settings options for it.


Let us know if that works for you, @davedidisco


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Hi Ant,


Thank you for the help, but looks like there is a software change, as on my tablet there are no setting cogs know the users (just the delete bin)



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Hi Carol,

Thank you for the response. My network says as it works on the main account it must be something in the device settings. Little frustrating the message implies it can be changed, but I guess if you guys don't know a way then it must not be possible
TessM Moderator

Have you set this user as a restricted one @davedidisco ? Are you able to try to add a new user and see if the option appear for this one? Which software version is the Tab currently running on? 

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