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Tab s3 battery drain since pie update

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Recently updated my tab s3 to android pie and now my battery drains in standby mode in 2 days whereas on oreo it would have lasted weeks. I have tried a full factory reset which has not solved the issue. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this issue or is it a case of waiting on Samsung to release a patch.

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hi @drmoore , did you make a wipe cache partition after the update to clear all corrupted files ?

Please read this post :



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Hi Cassidy007 I cleared the cache before I carried out factory reset, I have just cleared cache again and will see how it goes.

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Device care shows 4 apps using total of 6% battery yet graph shows how my tab has lost 50% battery power in standby mode since charged

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Same issu after update battery drain dramatically in standby. I test un airplane mode for checking a connectivity issue or other.


I have the same issue as well. I performed a hard reset, still doesn't help.
It was not like this before the update. 

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