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Tab S6 issue with external usb card reader

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Hi All,


Just purchased a Tab S6 for some photo editing. I need to transfer my images from my dslr camera to my Tab, but I can't really use the wi-fi option as transfering ~100 Raw images takes about 10-15 minutes and sometimes I have 500 or even more. I have purchased a cable that has USB-C at one end and a female USB connection at the other (cable works fine - tested with other, standard USB sticks). I also have a Hama SD card reader 00123900 which I use to transfer images to my PC. Issue is that this reader is not recognized by the Tab - it only "charges" it and I can't change it to any other options.  I have done several things described below without a success. Today I read on a random sell webpage that my SD card reader is non OTG capable. My conclusion is that I need to purchase another - OTG capable card reader. Just want to check if that is really the case. Would that fix my issue? Maybe someone has the same/similar experience.


PS. What I have done so far after discovering about the issue described:

Unlock the developer settings on my Tab and debug the USB (no success)

Reset to the factory settings (read it somewhere on the web - no success)

Make a test using another USB device (standard USB stick) - cable works fine as the stick was recognized by Tab

Format the SD card from my camera (several times, different formats - no success)

Found out that the card reader is non OTG capable - could be the success 


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