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Tab S3 sm-t820 user problem after android pie update

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Hi, I noticed that when I log into the S3 everything is fine but when I log into it as the 2nd user the screen goes blank right away. I have to press the power button to get it back and even then as soon as I enter the key code, a black screen comes up and then a moment later the normal screen appears.
Something similar happens when I turn on the S3 and simply pull down the screen to change user right away.
Is there any way to fix this or revert to the previous version of android?


ChrisM Moderator

That's strange, @xmanhattan. Have you tried removing the second profile and then re-adding to see if this helps?

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Hello ChrisM,


No, I didn't remove it, actually I was hoping to avoid that.

I will wait awhile in the hope that either a new update or patch rectifies the situation.


Thanks for your reply!


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