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Tab 2 slow speeds?

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Hello everyone,


A long time ago, I bought a samsung galaxy tab 2, and ever since then the quality of it has decreased rapidly, there is lag on every single function, including getting the notification bar down... I am one of the biggest samsung fans, and have loved their products. I have tried resetting it to factory default, no change, I don't really know what else I can do... any help will be appreciated!! Thanks!!





Hello Karthik!


Is all the software up to date on you Tab 2? Do you have many apps installed? 


Try deleting the cache, go into Settings > Application > Application Manager > the app > Clear Cache.


Do this to all you apps to ease any lag. 


Let us know if this helps. :smileyhappy:

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Hi Guys

I have a samsung galaxy Tab2 over the last couple of months it has become very very slow, I have rebooted several times and its ok for a day or 2 then becomes slow again. I have a up to date software.

Can any one help with these issues as I dont really want to buy another tablet at the moment



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has any one helped out with your tab 2 problems as I am getting the same issues with mine

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 I got a response saying that I should go through every single app in the app manager and then clear the cache, but I have already tried resetting, after a couple of days it goes back to its usual slow speeds, next time I go into town I am going to take it with me and show them, with the hope they have something magical up their sleeves. If I find any other solutions I will post here. Good luck and have a wonderful rest of ur week. 



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I am having the same issues with my Tab 2, Ive cleaned the cache and I've down loaded CCleaner but its still very slow on all the buutons



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Hi @Millsy.


How much memory do you have on it? Apps > Settings > Storage. 


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