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TAB S6 S pen Air controlls not working correctly

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I turned off the TAB S6 S pen air controlls, yet they're still on when i move the pen around in front of my screen? Even on just the home screen? It's really weird. They're completely turned off, yet they still do the air controlls on all apps, or at least scrolling. Really weird, and super annoying for playing mobile games with the pen, please help! 

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I don't think that is the air control functionality, but I have exactly the same problem, the pen is hoovering like 1cm above the screen and it is sending inputs like if it was touching it and this makes the pen completely unusable. This only happens sometimes, but when it happens it will be this way for hours. Any tips to solve this?

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Yeah i have the same problem, i'm using the tablet to take notes in lectures and it's making my life impossible. I can't even finish writing one letter without messing the whole page up.
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