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Support from Samsung retail after online purchase

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Am considerding purchase of Tab S5e from the online shop using the Klarna Bank interest free option.

Two questions...

Does anyone know how reputable this Swedish bank is and is it a secure way of purchasing?

If I purchase online, will the local Samsung retail outlet (ie Samsung branded shop front in the high street rather than a concession in say John Lewis etc) help if I have any problems, eg returns, repairs under warranty, advice on how to use the unit?

Thank you


CarlH Moderator

Hi @ptirving. If you purchase anything from the Online Shop, the same terms & conditions and warranty apply (2 year warranty). If the Tab arrives damaged, you can request a replacement. 

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Thanks for your response.

If there were any problems, would it have to be retuned thru post or could I go into the local Samsung shop front?


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